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The technical support is excellent. They came up with solutions to issues that other hosting providers where not able or willing to solve. Value for money is very good with reasonably fast UK based Cloud SSD servers.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017


I've been a regular customer at superbithost.com, purchasing domain names for well over 3 months now. Other than that, most of the time, the people they have working for them are professional and know what they are talking about. They always have promos and discounts. Paid $9.30/mo for their offshore shared hosting account via bitcoin. Their European servers is really fast - great plus for their team. All in all, the quality...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 23 Feb 2017

eHost Provider

I really cannot recommend eHostProvider more, and continue to recommend them to all friends, family, colleagues in need of quality web hosting services.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 20 Feb 2017


Advansys designed & created a new brochure site for Roch Valley, which provides a modern online product catalogue for our trade customers and general dancers. The site has the capacity to be developed into an e-commerce site for trade, allowing for future development. Communication at the start of the project was well managed, with an opening meeting, followed by a detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire was extensive &...

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Last reviewed on Monday, 19 Dec 2016

Smart Hosting

Having previously reviewed Smart Web Hosting and having used them since November 2014 I thought it was about time to review them again, now having used them faultlessly for over 2 years and still being amazed on nearly a daily basis to the high and superior level of support they provide i wanted to pass on my glowing feedback. My websites are always available and fast and the support that they provide is just as good. My...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 10 Nov 2016

Ultimate Web Hosting

Top quality support at great value. We use them for our Wordpress sites and can't stop recommending them as it's just so great! :)

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Last reviewed on Friday, 04 Nov 2016

Raid Host

Well its been over 2 years since my last review, 3 years since we've been using Raidhost. (see last review: http://www.serchen.co.uk/company/raidhost/#22776 ). I can still report that they are a brilliant supplier; I have never had anything but professionalism from them, and can honestly say that we have had 100% up-time, apart from when we have requested restarts, etc. I am happy to continue our relationship, and can not...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016

Bespoke Hosting Solutions

3 months there, a slow response ( 4 to 12 hours to answer ticket). If you want to try, use the payment per month and do not use for serious needs.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 18 Oct 2016

Ssecure Servers

I have been suffering with many hosting providers who are always coming on top of list but unfortunately all are having extremely bad service especially. However my experience with Ssecure Servers is EXTREMELY good during the last one month and I moved all my domain to Ssecure Servers. I strongly recommend Ssecure Servers for hosting. One of the best thing is 24/7 Professional & Passionate service team to help you.

Last reviewed on Monday, 17 Oct 2016

SimplexWebs Limited

They used to be a lot better, but as a customer for the last few years I've seen their support standards drop over time. Where previously I would have said excellent, now I'm just saying 'ok'.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 10 Oct 2016

Idaq Limited

At renewal iDAQ email you informing you your credit card will charged on the date of the renewal and then charge it a week before renewal to catch you out and won't then let you cancel. They've charged me for 12 months of a service . The renewal email requesting payment which I received had no mention of a cancellation period which they are now telling me is 30 days notice. No doubt this was in the small print somewhere on...

Last reviewed on Thursday, 01 Sep 2016

Cloud Next Ltd

This company sucks, my site has been down for 3 days since they upgraded their servers to Linux. Which was a bad move seeing as none of their support staff seem to know how to use it. Avoid at all costs.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 01 Aug 2016


Been using Quadhost's services for a number of years now since they started up and I cannot fault any of the services I have paid for. Would highly recommend due to the fact their support team that have always been able to help and offer friendly advice to my queries.

Last reviewed on Monday, 18 Jul 2016


Auto renewal is a shock as it's not cheap and there's a 30 day notice period yet trips you into another year. But what's driven me to write this is they are now offering a service for £9 a year to make your whois entry private. Something that any private person can do for free bus one time check in a box on the Nomonet site FOR FREE, FOREVER. Scammers ??

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 22 Jun 2016

Green House Web Hosting

Green House provided excellent and very friendly service at such a great price. It's refreshing to find a company that offers such a personalised and tailored service. Thank you!

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 03 May 2016


I bought UK Hosting from this company for less then £1 per month. It's very fast and the support is really good.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 13 Apr 2016

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